National Astronomical Observatory of Japan / Astronomy Data Center
Digitized Sky Survey Data Archive

Batch interface is not available now (July 21, 2021).
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Basic Search + Wide Field  New!
This service provides basic search for DSS1 and DSS2. See description for this interface.
New Wide-Field mode is available.

Input Position List  New!
This service allows you to search DSS1 and DSS2 images with your position list. Links to Basic Search Page and wget scripts to obtain all FITS files are dynamically created.

Batch interface to DSS & DSS2 (Not Available Now 2021-07-21)
You can obtain FITS images of DSS & DSS2 using e-mail querying. Bzip2 and xz compressions are available on the new system.
You have to obtain SMOKA user account to use DSS Batch interface. An SMOKA user account is used for both this service and SMOKA system. Go to SMOKA account registration form to obtain your account. Only registered email address can be accepted in this service.

Questions and comments are welcome to
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